Vintage Barbie Dolls Values – August 2014

Here are the highest priced vintage Barbie dolls sold in the last 90 days in the vintage Barbie category on eBay.


#1 Blonde Ponytail Doll. Follow Me on Pinterest

The highest priced item was this #1 Blonde Ponytail Doll.  She sold for $8703.  She came wearing Friday Night Date  – the seller stated she was a dressed display doll, which is interesting because Friday Night Date didn’t come out until 1960 and by 1960 we were up to the #3 ponytail already.  Anyway, she also came with a display doll pink box and stand.


Frosted Blonde Side-Part American Girl Barbie wearing Gala Abend Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was this Frosted Blonde Side-Part American Girl. She came wearing Gala Abend and sold for $5495. The seller stated she had a Pink bendable leg body and a pink/peachy face.
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(Gala Abend was a European Ensemble from 1966 – 1967. It was created to raise money for a charity to buy beds for hospitals. The original French name was “Bal des petits lits blancs” (Ball for Small White Beds). It was called Gala Abend in the English speaking European Countries. Its stock number was 1677.)


vintage Barbie blonde #1 ponytail Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was this blonde #1 ponytail. She came with her original swimsuit, earrings, shoes and booklet still sealed in plastic. She sold for $4800.


#2 Blonde Ponytail Barbie wearing Gay Parisienne Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was this #2 Blonde Ponytail wearing Gay Parisienne. She sold for $4500.

She has had her hair restyled and came with her box, stand and booklet.


#1 Blonde Ponytail Barbie Follow Me on Pinterest

Next is another #1 Blonde Ponytail Barbie.  This one is from the original owner.  She received 3 bids and sold for $4328.  She had had no touch ups or repairs.


Brunette #1 Ponytail Barbie Follow Me on Pinterest

A Brunette #1 Ponytail is next.  She came with her original swimsuit, sunglasses, box and booklet.


#1 Blonde Ponytail Barbie Follow Me on Pinterest

Another #1 Blonde Ponytail Barbie is next. This one has been restored. She sold for $3750. Sorry, but I don’t care for the excessive blush and bright blue eyeshadow. She LOOKS like she’s been redone! I much prefer her in her before photo: #1 Blonde Ponytail Barbie Before Restoration Follow Me on Pinterest

8 Japanese Sun Sun Malibu Follow Me on Pinterest

Japanese Sun Sun Malibu Francie was next.  She is considered the rarest of the Francis dolls. She sold for $3495 and included her swimsuit and goggles.  Unlike the regular Malibu Francie, the Japanese version had a Francie face (the regular version had a Casey face).  Francie was very popular in Japan and has several special dolls and outfits that were exclusive to that country,


#2 Vintage Barbie Blonde Ponytail Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was this #2 Blonde Ponytail doll with her original swimsuit.  She received 1 bid and sold for #3495.


1965 Prototype American Girl Christie Doll Follow Me on Pinterest

Finishing out our top 10 is a very interesting doll. It was listed as a 1965 Prototype / Sample American Girl Barbie Christie Doll and she sold for $2995. I’m quite curious about this doll because there is no information about her. How does the seller know it is a sample/prototype? How did she come to own it? Sorry without the provenance of a “rare doll”, I have trouble buying it.
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