Vintage Barbie Clothing Values – December 2012

NRFB Japanese vintage Barbie ensemble - sold for $2689 dec 2012Here are the highest priced vintage Barbie clothing items sold in the last month in the vintage Barbie category on eBay.

There were three Japanese NRFB vintage Barbie ensembles that were the highest priced clothing items sold – all three sold for the same price and were from the same seller

This Japanese exclusive vintage Barbie ensemble, NRFB, sold as a “buy it now” for $2,689.  The seller called it “Vintage Barbie Rare Japanese Fashion #2615″ with no other information given.

Vintage Barbie RARE JAPANESE Fashion #2617

The 2nd was another NRFB Japanese Barbie ensemble, from the same seller.  It also sold for a “buy it now” of $2,689.  The seller called it “Vintage Barbie Rare Japanese Fashion #2617″.


Vintage Barbie RARE JAPANESE Fashion #2620

The 3rd ensemble was called “Vintage Barbie Rare Japanese Fashion #2620″ and it also sold for a “buy it now” of $2,689.


Easter Parade COMPLETE R VersionNext was this Easter Parade ensemble sold for a “buy it now” of $2,000. The seller stated it was near mint & complete & had the earlier “R” clothing tag. (The very first Barbie clothing items made had an “TM” after the Barbie name on the black & white clothing tags. It stood for “Trademark”. Shortly thereafter it was changed to “R” for Registered Trademark.)


Sears Exclusive Barbie Mink StoleAlso with a $2,000 “buy it now” was this Sears exclusive Barbie genuine mink stole from 1964. When Sears originally sold it for $9.99 it was one of the most expensive Barbie items available. Today it is very hard to find and quite valuable.

AtelierFest European ExclusiveNext with a “buy it now” of $1,650 was this European Exclusive Pink Parfait #1680 (also known as Atelierfest) from the mid-60s. It remains a hard to find & highly sought after vintage ensemble.

Mod Japanese Barbie ensembleAnother exclusive mod-era Japanese ensemble was next. This one sold for $1,520 after receiving 13 bids. The seller stated “This wonderful vintage Mod era tagged Barbie outfit was made as a Japanese exclusive and not sold within the USA. The wonderful pink floral outfit includes matching cloche hat and pink heels. Shown on page 85 in the book “Barbie in Japan”, by Keiko Kimura Shibano.” (The doll pictured was not included in the auction.)

Easter ParadeAnother complete Easter Parade is next, this one said to be in “excellent” condition. It received 17 bids and sold for $1,370. This one had the TM tag.


Sears Exclusive Vintage Barbie Genuine Mink StoleAnother Sears mink stole was next. This one sold for a “buy it now” of $1350.
Barbie Roman Holiday Brass CompactFinishing up the top 10 is this vintage Barbie brass compact from Roman Holiday. Considered by many to be the “holy grail” of vintage Barbie collecting, it received 10 bids and sold for $1,310.99. In the listing the seller stated, “Up for bid is Barbies famous tiny brass compact. This little compact is in very good condition for the age.This compact has patina build up so I would guess that it has not been cleaned. It is 3/8″ in diameter with the mirror still inside.The compact has a B on the top and opens and closes nicely.The hinges are there and working. It is the most sought after accessory of Barbie. The pink puff is missing. The compact only is up for bid”.


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