Vintage Barbie Careers – New Series for 2010

Vintage Barbie Careers Reproductions

In addition to the new dolls for 2010 in the My Favorite Barbie series, Mattel has announced a new Vintage Reproduction Series for 2010. It is the Vintage Careers Series. It consists of three reproduction vintage Barbie dolls wearing ensembles (all properly accessorized, of course) that represented Barbie’s earliest careers and will be released throughout the year with a $49.95 price tag.  The series includes:

Registered Nurse – a blonde ponytail Barbie wearing Registered Nurse #991 (1961-1964)

Student Teacher a brunette swirl ponytail Barbie wearing Student Teacher #1622 (1965-1966)

Miss Astronaut – a blonde American Girl Barbie wearing Miss Astronaut #1641 (1965)

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Kudos to Mattel – it looks like 2010 will be another exceptional year for Vintage Barbie Reproductions!