Julia Barbie Doll, Julia Dolls

Julia Barbie DollsThe Julia Barbie Doll was one of the first Celebrity Barbie Dolls. It was introducted in 1969. Julia was a hit TV show that ran from 1968 to 1971. Diahann Carroll played Julia Baker, a widowed single Mom and Registered Nurse, in this ground breaking role – one of the first prime time shows to feature an African American woman in a non-stereotypical role.

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Julia Dolls

Truly Scrumptious Doll, Truly Scrumptious Barbie

Truly Scrumptious Dolls

The Truly Scrumptious Doll was one of the first “celebrity” Barbie Dolls, released along with the Julia doll in 1969.

The doll is based on a character of the same name from the wildly popular kids movie, Chitty, Chiity, Bang, Bang.

There were two Truly Scrumptious Barbie Dolls – a “standard” one on the traditional straight leg Midge/Barbie body and a Talking Truly Scrumptious.

Both dolls have a Francie head with blue eyes, rooted eyelashes and blonde hair – no bangs, pulled back in a low ponytail and curled at the bottom.

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PJ Dolls

Vintage PJ DollsPJ Dolls were introduced in 1969 when Barbie’s Friend Midge received a makeover and a new name. Using the same Midge face and head mold, PJ was more hip and mod than Midge. PJ had long blonde pigtails, brown eyes with blue eye shadow and wickedly long rooted eye lashes. Here is a complete list, pictures and detailed information about all of the P.J. Dolls. PJ Dolls

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TNT Barbie

TNT Flip BarbieTNT Flip BarbiesTNT Barbie got a new look in 1969. Twist ‘n Turn Barbie got a new hairstyle – a shoulder length flip, arguably inspired by the hit TV show That Girl which ran from 1966 to 1971 and starred Marlo Thomas with a similar hairstyle. This Barbie is often referred to as TNT Flip or TNT Marlo or even TNT Marlo Flip.

She was made from 1969 to 1971 and she received a new swimsuit each year.

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Stacey Dolls, Stacey Barbie Doll

Stacey DollsStacey Dolls were introduced in 1968, as Barbie’s new “cool” Mod friend. She hailed from the Mod Mecca of hipness – Great Britian. There were two versions – TNT (Twist ‘n Turn) and Talking Stacey. Between 1968 and 1971, there were three different TNT Stacey versions and two different Talking Staceys. She was permanently retired after 1971.

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Vintage Barbie Doll Values – October 2009

Here are the highest priced items sold in the last month in the vintage Barbie category on eBay.

Vintage Barbie Values 10.2009

This gorgeous #1 Barbie was the highest priced item sold in the Vintage Barbie category in the last 30 days.  She received 28 bids and sold for $6,100.   In addition to the Barbie Doll, she also included several vintage ensembles.

Vintage Barbie Dressed Doll

Next was also a Blonde #1 Ponytail.  This one is a Pink Silhouette Dressed Doll – wearing Evening Splendour.  She sold for $4,550 after receiving 29 bids.

Vintage Barbie Values 10.2009

This Blonde #1 Barbie included her original box, stand, swimsuit and accessories and sold for $4,400 after receiving 32 bids.

#2 Vintage Barbie

This #2 Brunette Ponytail received 34 bids and sold for $4,200.

Brunette Ponytail Barbie

This #1 Brunette Vintage Ponytail Barbie received 12 bids and sold for $4,110. She also included her original box, st, swimsuit and accessories.

Blonde Ponytail Vintage Barbie Doll

Another Blonde #1 – this one sold for $4,050 and received 38 bids.

Vintage American Girl Barbie

Next this NRFB Silver Ash Side Part American Girl Barbie received 21 bids and sold for $3,240.

#2 Brunette Vintage Ponytail Barbie Doll

This #2 Brunette Ponytail Barbie is dressed in Evening Splendour. She received 19 bids and sold for $2,949.99.

Vintage Stacey Doll

The highest priced “Family & Friends” Doll was theis Vintage Stacey Doll from the Nite Lightining Gift Set. She included the ensemble and swimsuit from the Sears exclusive set. THe seller was in Austria. She sold for a “Buy It Now” of $999.00

Walking Jamie Furry Friends Set

The nexy highest priced Family & Friends doll was this Walking Jamie Furry Friends Set. It received 2 bids and sold for $710.00

NRFB TNT Stacey Doll

This NRFB Twist ‘n Turn Stacey Doll received 16 bids and sold for $666.66.

Black Francie Doll

The highest priced Francie was this Black Francie Doll. She sold for $599

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Vintage Barbie Careers – New Series for 2010

Vintage Barbie Careers Reproductions

In addition to the new dolls for 2010 in the My Favorite Barbie series, Mattel has announced a new Vintage Reproduction Series for 2010. It is the Vintage Careers Series. It consists of three reproduction vintage Barbie dolls wearing ensembles (all properly accessorized, of course) that represented Barbie’s earliest careers and will be released throughout the year with a $49.95 price tag.  The series includes:

Registered Nurse – a blonde ponytail Barbie wearing Registered Nurse #991 (1961-1964)

Student Teacher a brunette swirl ponytail Barbie wearing Student Teacher #1622 (1965-1966)

Miss Astronaut – a blonde American Girl Barbie wearing Miss Astronaut #1641 (1965)

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Registered Nurse
Student Teacher
Miss Astronaut
Kudos to Mattel – it looks like 2010 will be another exceptional year for Vintage Barbie Reproductions!

More My Favorite Barbie Reproductions Announced for 2010

2010 My Favorite Barbie

This week, Mattel announced that there will be three more My Favorite Barbie Vintage Reproductions – These three will be issued in December 2009.

They include:

Swirl Barbie Giftset - 1964 Swirl Barbie in her red bathing suit with blonde swirl ponytail.  It looks like she will be wearing her original Red Swimsuit and will come along with a reproduction of the 1965 ensemble Dancing Doll.     Price will be $49.95.

Black Barbie Giftset – 1980s Black Barbie.  This was the first African-American Barbie.   She is wearing her origiinal outift and will include an additional 1980s ensemble reproduction.  Price will be $49.95.

Peaches ‘N Cream – 1984 Peaches ‘N Cream Reproduction, one of the most popular Barbies from the “Superstar” era. Price will be $49.95.

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