2007 Tyler Wentworth Convertible Basic Black Fashion Dolls

It looks like the folks at Robert Toner dolls have been playing with Bratz. The Tyler Wentworth and friends basic dolls for 2007 have detachable, swiveling feet! (I always thought it was kind of freaky that Bratz dolls have detachable feet. At least Tyler’s shoes are not part of her detachable feet, like the Bratz.)

Each basic doll will include two sets of interchangeable feet, one with a jointed ankle and flat foot, the other with an arched high-heel foot. The doll will also include two sets of shoes: one injection-molded high-heel pair, and one flat sandal pair. Each Basic Black dolls also includes swimsuit, sunglasses and a display stand.

The dolls are in stock now at retailers and available on eBay (Tyler Wentworth Basic Black on eBay).

Each doll has a different style swimsuit. The dolls pictured are Jac (far left), Tyler (left center), Sydney (right center) and Layne (far right).