Highlight: Campus Belle Dress Variation

Campus Belle Barbie Dress - Rare Dark Blue Variation

When I recently updated the Vintage Barbie Belle Dress / Campus Bell page on the website, I learned of a very rare Campus Belle variation that was recently sold.

The silk shantung dress is commonly seen in rose pink and medium blue and even those are hard to find!   This variation, a very dark blue, recently sold for $285.

None of the four reference books I consulted mentioned this variation and I have never seen it before.  If you have seen one before, please tell us in the comments below!

You can see the updated page, as well as a picture of the regular blue next to this one  here.


Ken in Cheerful Chef on Barbie and Friends

Vintage Ken in Cheerful Chef.

This picture of Ken, by Yvette, was the most popular picture this week on Barbie & Friends, one of the largest online Barbie communities.

We currently have 753 members who have shared 7651 photos, in addition to forums, blog posts and trading and selling groups. The best part is friendship and if you love Barbie, we’d love to have you join in the fun!

You can find us here – Barbie & Friends.

Ken is wearing a hard to find Fashion Pak item called Cheerful Chef, made from 1964 thru 1967.  Yvette said it took her several months to collect all of the pieces.

Highlights: American Girl Barbie in European Swimsuit

Vintage American Girl Barbie in European Swimsuit

This was an interesting eBay item from a few months ago.  This lovely lady sold in April for $1813.50.

What was really interesting to me was her swimsuit – I have never seen one with a red bottom and a white background.  Every one I have seen had a blue bottom with a pink background.

Someone asked the seller about it and the seller replied: “I have had three of them. As stated in the listing, I have only seen it once on a NRFB doll: an american girl sidepart. It looks completely original, but since I am not the original owner, neither did I debox the doll, I can not be sure. I’m always in the hunt for rare pieces and save them for beautiful dolls that really deserve them. However, I will never be able to know their history for sure. Another collector told me last night that these swimsuits were available in Japan and Europe.” [Read more…]