2013 Halloween Barbie Dolls

2013 Halloween Barbie Dolls

It’s time to get out the Halloween Barbie Dolls & add a few new ones to the collection!

There are two new Halloween Barbies for 2013.

2013 Bewitched & BeJeweled Halloween Barbie

The regular grocery store edition is called Bewitched & Bejeweled.  She has purple streaks in her hair and is dressed in a purple and orange dress with a black spider web necklace, shrug, witch hat and boots.

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Halloween Barbie 2009

Halloween Barbie 2009Here is a really scary thought – it is time to start thinking about Halloween!  And with Halloween comes Halloween Barbie.  There are two new Barbie Dolls for this Halloween.

The official Barbie is Halloween Treat Barbie. She is dressed as a witch in orange and purple.


Pink Halloween Barbie 2009There is also a Target exclusive Pink Halloween Barbie.  She is dressed in black and pink with a silver cobweb design on her long dress.


Munsters Barbie & Ken Set

Also very popular on eBay right now is the ultimate Barbie Halloween Set – the 2001 Munsters set.


Target also has a trio of exclusive Kelly Halloween dolls.  They are called the Merry Monsters and include Kelly, Kayla and Miranda (each sold separately).

Halloween Kelly 2009Halloween Kelly Set 2009


Here are the listings for all of the above on eBay:


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