My Favorite Barbie American Girl Reproduction

My Favorite Barbie American Girl ReproducstionThe My Favorite Barbie American Girl Reproduction was released in June 2010. The Barbie doll is a reproduction of the 1965 American Girl Barbie. In addition to the American Girl’s original One piece Turquoise Striped Swimsuit and Turquoise Open Toe Heel shoes, this My Favorite Barbie also includes a reissue of the ensemble Matinee Fashion #1640 (1965).

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Vintage Barbie ReproductionsVintage Barbie Reproductions are among some of the most popular and successful Collectable Barbie Dolls. Mattel issued the first Vintage Reproductions in 1994 to celebrate Barbie’s 35th birthday.


My Favorite Barbie Fashion Queen Reproduction

My Favorite Barbie Fashion Queen ReproducstionMy Favorite Barbie Fashion Queen Reproduction was released in June 2010. This is a faithful reproduction of the 1963 Vintage Fashion Queen Barbie Doll. It includes a reproduction of the original white and gold striped lame strapless swimsuit and turban, white open toe shoes and her three wigs and her wig stand.

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Vintage Barbie ReproductionsVintage Barbie Reproductions are among some of the most popular and successful Collectable Barbie Dolls. Mattel issued the first Vintage Reproductions in 1994 to celebrate Barbie’s 35th birthday.

Effanbee Announces End to Brenda Starr Doll

Effanbee recently anounced the end of the line for Brenda Starr dolls in this announcement posted on their website:

Brenda Starr, Reporter was created by Dale Messick to premiere on June 30, 1940. The tempestuous and flamboyant redhead was always impeccably dressed and coifed as she traveled the globe on one exciting assignment after another for her newspaper, The Flash. Each adventure was filled with glamour, romance and intrigue as this remarkable heroine was perpetually torn between the demands of her career and the many loves of her personal life.

Brenda showed readers a new type of heroine as she fought, from the very first day on the job at The Flash, for her right to be treated as an equal. Always on the cutting edge of fashion, Brenda has a sleek and sexy style that conveys the allure and independence of a workingwoman at the top of her career. Occasionally, Brenda will go Undercover to get “the scoop”, look for new hair colors and exotic face painting as she dons her many disguises.

Brenda’s life took a fateful turn on September 16, 1945 when she dreamed of a tall, dark, handsome stranger attired in a black cape and wearing a black patch over one of his eyes. The stranger materialized the following week, “the mystery man” turned out to be Basil St. John, a reclusive millionaire who cultivates a rare species of black orchids, the only known remedy for his “secret disease”. Basil makes his debut with a collection of dressed dolls and outfits worthy of this dashing Romeo.

In 2000, Effanbee introduced Brenda Starr, sculpted by Sandra Bilotto, a 16″ star in her own right that exhibited imaginative clothing and zest for our favorite reporter. In2002, Robert Tonner acquired Effanbee and re-styled the original Brenda head sculpt to fit the Tonner Doll Company’s Tyler Wentworth® body style. A new era for Brenda spanned from 2002 to 2007, providing collectors with extraordinary fashion from another era. We salute you, Brenda Starr…may your life with Basil be forever fabulous!

Brenda Starr, Daphne Dimples and Betty Ann are 16” vinyl/ hard plastic dolls with multiple points of articulation, including bending wrists, exceptional wardrobes, painted eyes and rooted saran hair. Doll bodies are compatible with Tonner Doll Company’s Tyler Wentworth Bending Wrist-Style Articulated body, and they can share clothing.

2007 Tyler Wentworth Convertible Basic Black Fashion Dolls

It looks like the folks at Robert Toner dolls have been playing with Bratz. The Tyler Wentworth and friends basic dolls for 2007 have detachable, swiveling feet! (I always thought it was kind of freaky that Bratz dolls have detachable feet. At least Tyler’s shoes are not part of her detachable feet, like the Bratz.)

Each basic doll will include two sets of interchangeable feet, one with a jointed ankle and flat foot, the other with an arched high-heel foot. The doll will also include two sets of shoes: one injection-molded high-heel pair, and one flat sandal pair. Each Basic Black dolls also includes swimsuit, sunglasses and a display stand.

The dolls are in stock now at retailers and available on eBay (Tyler Wentworth Basic Black on eBay).

Each doll has a different style swimsuit. The dolls pictured are Jac (far left), Tyler (left center), Sydney (right center) and Layne (far right).

Are Webkinz the New Beanie Babies?

Reminiscent of the Beanie Baby craze in the 90s, Webkinz are new plush animals by Ganz that are taking the toy market by storm. They are available at Hallmark and other retailers – but most are reportedly sold out.
What makes Webkinz different is that it is also an online toy. Every pet comes with a code, which allows it’s owner to claim it, name it and play with it at
As a true sign of any hot fad – Webkinz are hot, hot, hot on eBay (Webkinz on eBay), some retired Webkinz are selling for hundreds! (The retail price is $12.)

Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Happy Meal Dolls

Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Dolls are currently available in Happy Meals at your local McDonalds. The promotion runs through April 19, 2007 (or until supplies last). There are 8 dolls in the collection. They include: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, The Wicked Witches of the East and West, Glinda and the Daisy Munchkin.

Madame Alexander and McDonald’s have joined forces every year since 2002 to bring a special Happy Meal Doll Collection. I think this is one time where as many adults as children will be indulging in happy meals. I love to use the tiny dolls on my doll Christmas tree every year – they make great ornaments!

Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff Doll

Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff Doll
Multi-platinum recording artist, TV and film star, and fashion designer Hilary Duff is always at the hottest Red Carpet events! The Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff doll from Mattel is wearing a glamorous dot print dress with a red satiny sash as she makes her way past the velvet rope at a red carpet event and also comes with additional accessories to glamorize the look.

‘Sindy’ doll makes comeback in U.K.

From United Press International, Inc.

LONDON, Sept. 16 (UPI) — A considerably more wholesome version of the British fashion doll “Sindy,” goes on sale in the U.K. Sunday for the first time in four years.

The Telegraph Saturday said the circa 1960s and 70s doll is back sans the big bust, tight clothes and high heels that came about during her rivalry with the American Barbie doll.

The doll’s makers said they hoped that the newer toned-down version of Sindy would reflect a teenage girl and encourage creative play in a younger age group of girls under eight.

Barbara Calderwood, the creative director of Pedigree, the maker of the doll, told the Telegraph Sindy “has been repositioned as a more wholesome girl.”

It remains to be seen if today’s more sophisticated kids will be as enthralled with the current doll.