Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday Brass Compact

Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday Brass CompactConsidered by many to be the “Holy Grail” of Vintage Barbie collecting, this tiny vintage Barbie Brass Compact from Roman Holiday recently sold for $535 on eBay. The compact is very rare because the Roman Holiday ensemble was only sold for one year, 1959 – it was part of Barbie’s very first wardrobe. The compact is Barbie sized – maybe 1/4″ to 1/2″ across.

The seller of the item stated that the compact showed some wear and that the hinge needed to be repaired. In years past, mint condition compacts have sold for as much as $1500 – and based on this item, I think it would be safe to say that a compact in mint condition with the powder puff would reach $1000 or more.

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vb1081.jpg The second highest item was this Pink Silhouette #3 Ponytail wearing Evening Splendour. It was sold by the same German seller for $3200 after 16 bids. The outfit is a rare variation of Evening Splendour with a shorter, fur trimmed coat and fur trim on the dress.


In the clothing category, this Gay Parisenne ensemble was the highest selling item. It sold for $799.


Other high sellers were all NRFB early vintage ensembles – Registered Nurse, sold for $621.99 (after 61 bids!)


Mood for Music, sold for $511.99 and received 30 bids


Wedding Day Set sold for $493.89 after 19 bids.