Barbie Booklets 1961 & 1962

1961 Barbie Booklet - Barbie & Ken on the cover

Last week we started looking at Vintage Barbie Booklets by looking at the first three booklets from 1959 and 1960.  Today we’ll look at the two booklets that picture only Barbie and Ken on the cover.  They are from 1961 and 1962.

The 1961 edition had the same pink cover as the first three, but also had Ken on the cover. (It is a much lighter pink in person.)

There were two versions of the catalog made, one had a date on the cover, the other did not and otherwise they were identical.

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Barbie Booklets 1959 & 1960

1959 Barbie Booklet

Today we are going to start a look back at Barbie Booklets. These little catalogs were included with all Barbie purchases for many, many years. Today we will be looking at the booklets from 1959 and 1960. Next week, we’ll review 1961 & 1962.

The first three books all had this same pink cover with Barbie. They are all marked c. MCMLVIII, which is the Roman number for 1958.

The first book featured Barbie’ debut fashions from 1959 and is the only one to have the three outfits that were sold only in 1959:
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