Superstar Barbie Dolls Values August 2014

Here are the highest priced Superstar era Barbie dolls sold in the last 90 days on eBay. This is my first Superstar post – the era is getting more and more popular and I’m getting more and more interested in it, so it’s time to start incorporating it into the site!


 Japanese Superstar Barbie, Peasant Sensation Follow Me on Pinterest This Japanese Superstar Barbie, Peasant Sensation, was the highest priced Superstar Barbie sold. It sold for $750. (The seller was in Germany.)

2 Japanese Superstar Barbie Follow Me on Pinterest

Second was another Japanese Superstar Edition.  This one sold for $700.

3 Mego UK Palitoy Cheryl Ladd Prototype Doll Follow Me on Pinterest

This one is not a Barbie, but it’s such a great doll I couldn’t resist. This is what the seller said about the doll: “1970’s Mego sister company Palitoy Superstar doll. Same size as Mego’s Cher. Palitoy superstar head mold is what many people suspect was supposed to be the unproduced Cheryl Ladd doll. VERY RARE. She was never available in USA”.  It received 15 bids and sold for $535.

4 Superstar Barbie Congost Spain 1981 Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was this Superstar Barbie from Spain. Ths seller caller her: “1981 Very Rare HTF Congost SuperStar Barbie from Spain”. She sold for $461 after receiving 17 bids.

5 Superstar Barbie Gift Set Japananese Follow Me on Pinterest

Another Japanese Market Edition was next. This one is a gift set with a scooter. She sold for $440.

6 Hawaiian Superstar Barbie doll, European Exclusive, 1978 Follow Me on Pinterest

Yet another foreign doll – this one sold nude and with obvious play wear.  This rare Hawaiian European Exclusive Superstar Barbie sold for $343 after receiving 30 bids.

7 Superstar Barbie with Promotional Haircomb NRFB 1976 Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was this Superstar Barbie with Promotional Hair comb from 1976.  It sold for $330.

8 1976 Beautiful Bride Barbie Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was a doll with a TNT face but from the beginning of the superstar era. Beautiful Bride Barbie was from 1976 – the seller stated she is the last vintage doll with lashes.

9 Superstar Barbie Fashion Change Abouts Set 2583 1977 Follow Me on Pinterest

Next was this NRFB Barbie Change Abouts Gift Set. It is from 1977 and it sold for $300.

10 1976 Mattel Superstar Barbie Follow Me on Pinterest

Last in our top 10 is original doll that started it all – the original Superstar in her pink satin halter dress. She sold for $269.
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