‘Sindy’ doll makes comeback in U.K.

From United Press International, Inc.

LONDON, Sept. 16 (UPI) — A considerably more wholesome version of the British fashion doll “Sindy,” goes on sale in the U.K. Sunday for the first time in four years.

The Telegraph Saturday said the circa 1960s and 70s doll is back sans the big bust, tight clothes and high heels that came about during her rivalry with the American Barbie doll.

The doll’s makers said they hoped that the newer toned-down version of Sindy would reflect a teenage girl and encourage creative play in a younger age group of girls under eight.

Barbara Calderwood, the creative director of Pedigree, the maker of the doll, told the Telegraph Sindy “has been repositioned as a more wholesome girl.”

It remains to be seen if today’s more sophisticated kids will be as enthralled with the current doll.