More My Favorite Barbie Reproductions Announced for 2010

2010 My Favorite Barbie

This week, Mattel announced that there will be three more My Favorite Barbie Vintage Reproductions – These three will be issued in December 2009.

They include:

Swirl Barbie Giftset - 1964 Swirl Barbie in her red bathing suit with blonde swirl ponytail.  It looks like she will be wearing her original Red Swimsuit and will come along with a reproduction of the 1965 ensemble Dancing Doll.     Price will be $49.95.

Black Barbie Giftset – 1980s Black Barbie.  This was the first African-American Barbie.   She is wearing her origiinal outift and will include an additional 1980s ensemble reproduction.  Price will be $49.95.

Peaches ‘N Cream – 1984 Peaches ‘N Cream Reproduction, one of the most popular Barbies from the “Superstar” era. Price will be $49.95.

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