Introducing Featured Collector Series

Featured Collector Series Video ScreenshotNext week we will begin to feature Barbie Collectors. I’ve learned that we love to share our collections and  to get to know more about other collectors and their collections.  Often we don’t know anyone else personally who collects and our friends & family just don’t get it! It is always nice to meet people who have the same passion and to be able to share with them.

To get us warmed up for next week, I wanted to share this video I found of an awesome Barbie collection! This collector has approx 500 modern Barbie dolls on display in her special Barbie room!

I absolutely love her shelves!

The video above is from about a year ago – the same collector uploaded an update just a few days ago –

Sit back and enjoy her collection and get ready to meet our first Featured Collector next week!