Vintage Barbie Clothing Values – November 2008

Wow! What an exciting 30 days for Vintage Barbie collecting! The last month’s highest sellers are filled with rare Japanese market exclusives AND the entire Braniff collection NRFB! Here are the highest priced clothing item sold in the last month in the vintage Barbie category on eBay.

The top selling Vintage Barbie Clothing was this NRFB European Exclusive Pink Parfait #1680 (also known as Atelierfest).  It sold for $4,000.  Here is what the seller said about the ensemble: ” The outfit includes a light pink halter body blouse that ties around the neck with a faux diamond, matching gloves, purse with faux diamond closure, and snake bracelet. The skirt is shimmering black and utilizes the “Solo in the Spotlight” material with matching black closed toe heels.”

This NRFB Braniff Stewardess Boarding Outfit ensemble sold for $1,525 after receiving 13 bids.  All four of the Braniff Barbie ensembles were sold by the same seller.  (There was also a pilot outfit for Ken.)    In addition to the lucky buyers, how wonderful that we just get to see and document them!

Braniff was an airline based in Texas.  They had colorful airplanes and their stewardesses wore outfits designed by Emilio Pucci.  Montgomery Ward sold these replicas in 1967.  They were not made by Mattel, they were made in Hong Kong.  The clothes are tagged & the shoes are marked Hong Kong.

This Braniff ensemble is called “Raspberry suit” by collectors.  It received 17 bids and sold for $1,525.
The next highest priced item was this Japanese market version of “After Five”, sold by a seller in Hong Kong.  It was listed for $1850 and sold for a “best offer” of $1200.
Next, the “Pucino Serving Dress” Braniff ensemble sold for $907 after receiving 13 bids.
This Japanese market exclusive Barbie Blue Ski Suit sold for a “Buy It Now” of $899.
This Sears Exclusive Mink Stole from 1964 received 18 bids and sold for $810.  This is genuine mink that was Barbie’s most expensive clothing item at the time.  It came with an original price tag of $9.99!
Another Japanese Market exclusive, this one a yellow floral version of Sheath Sensation, sold for a “Buy It Now” of $795.
The final Braniff ensemble, the Blue “Hostess Pajamas” received 13 bids and sold for $687.
This was not the next highest selling item, but I did want to include it so it would b documented on the site.  It is yet another Japanese market exclusive.  This is the Japanese version of Barbie’s “Lunch Date” dress.  This one was listed for $769.99 and sold for a “Best Offer” of $550.

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Mattel Announces Vintage Reproductions to Celebrate Barbie’s 50th Anniversary!

Barbie turns 50 in 2009 and it looks like Mattel is going all out for a celebration!  A large group of Vintage Reproductions will be issued beginning in December 2008.  Here is a list of the dolls – the price point is expected to be around $45.

Vintage Reproductions:

Vintage Ponytail Barbie Doll in Zebra Swimsuit1959 Ponytail Barbie Reproduction – wearing her original Black & White striped swimsuit and will come along with a Solo in the Spotlight Ensemble – will be available in December 2008.

1962 Bubblecut Reproduction – wearing her original red swimsuit and will come along with a Enchanted Evening ensemble – will be available in December 2008.

1967 Twist ‘N Turn Reproduction – wearing her original 2-pc vinyl orange swimsuit with mesh cover-up and will come with Zokko! ensemble – available February 2009.

1971 Malibu Barbie Reproduction –  wearing her original blue 1-pc swimsuit and will come with a Lemon Kick ensemble – available December 2008.

1977 Superstar Barbie Reproduction – wearing her original pink fashion & boa and will come with an additional “Superstar” fashion – available December 2008.

1986 Rockers Barbie Reproduction –  wearing her original funky rock fashion and will come with an additional “Rockers” fashion – available February 2009.

Julia (Diahann Carroll) Doll Reproduction –  in her Nurse outfit AND will include an additional fashion – available January 2009.

The last reproduction is of a doll that was never made!  Becky was made as a prototype to be a Francie sized friend – but was never produced, although some Francie fashion labels stated “France and Becky”.  There will be a Becky gift set using the vintage Casey doll face mold and it will include at least 2 additional outfits.  It will be a Gold Label edition with a price around $120 – it is scheduled to be available April 2009.

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Barbie’s Mighty Fine Apparel Deal

Mattel is partnering with Mighty Fine on three distinct collections of Barbie apparel under its Mighty Fine, Public Library, and Doe brands. The line of Ts, knit tops, and fleece is targeted at juniors and adults and arrives on shelves at boutiques and specialty and department stores in the fall.

Mighty Fine and Doe will debut three and five Barbie styles, respectively, in the fall, with Public Library adding seven styles in spring 2008.

Fisher-Price will also partner with Mighty Fine under its Mighty Fine & Mini Fine brands to produce a new line of nostalgic T-shirts for adults and toddlers, as well as onesies, featuring classic Fisher-Price art.

FAO Schwarz to Open Custom Barbie Boutique

FAO Schwarz will open a section Friday in its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York that will allow shoppers to customize their own Barbie dolls, Mattel Inc. said.

The “styled by me Barbie” boutique will be about 1,500 square feet with two large doll-styling stations and eight touch screens that will allow customers to pick and choose the accessories for their custom dolls.

The dolls will start with seven base models, all with different skin tones and hair styles. Customers will choose fashions and accessories for the dolls modeled after designers Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka and Diane von Furstenberg. The average starting price will be $65 per doll.

Mattel launches make-up brand for young girls with Bonne Bell

Mattel’s Barbie Girls is partnering with cosmetics brand Bonne Bell to launch a new beauty and make-up brand aimed at young girls.

The move follows the toy company’s “adult-oriented” partnership with Estée Lauder Company’s MAC Cosmetics to pioneer its Spring 2007 Barbie Loves MAC collection.

The deal with Bonne Bell will take shape in 2008 with an “innovative, fun and girl-savvy retail delivery”, details of which have yet to be announced. It will initially be introduced in the US and, if successful, will later be rolled out to the UK and Europe.

Mattel says the partnership will “celebrate a union of girls’ most popular brands” and represent both companies’ commitment to high quality, trend-making products. Mattel made the announcement in New York this week when it revealed its portfolio of new, “best in class” programmes across categories including entertainment apparel, footwear, back-to-school, jewellery, home décor, personal care and beauty for boys, girls and infants.

The deal follows condemnation of the company’s launch of an online social network aimed at young girls in May. Critics at the time said the website could encourage the early sexualisation of girls, potentially putting them at risk of online bullying as well as promoting image and eating disorders. The site is expected to expand this autumn to more than a dozen countries in five additional languages, including Spanish, French and Italian.

Mattel senior vice-president of marketing, media and entertainment worldwide claims the company continues to lead the way in the toy industry by creating innovative, break-frame programmes and pioneering new categories.

It is also launching the Barbie as The Island Princess direct-to-DVD movie with Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and Barbie B Cause, a limited edition accessory line that reuses excess Barbie fabric and trimmings.

Barbie for the Digital Age

Mattel is on a mission to make sure Barbie does not miss out on the digital revolution. The toymaker is introducing a “Barbie Girl” that doubles as an MP3 player that unlocks new places in a virtual Barbie world and which can be dressed up with the help of $10 accessory kits in the real world.

Barbie Loves M·A·C Spring Makeup Collection

In a limited edition collection for Spring 2007, M·A·C pays a pink tribute to Barbie in Barbie Loves M·A·C

This Spring, Barbie is hip, happening and all-M·A·C with a modern rebel attitude and fashionable indie style.

On lips, cheeks, eyes and skin, Barbie Loves M·A·C, is a limited edition colour collection specially created for all living dolls.

Mattel has Announced 1st Skipper Reproduction

Mattel recently announced that they are making the first vintage Skipper reproduction! Scheduled to be released in September, the Barbie and Skipper Knitting Pretty Gift Set will feature a reproduction titian Skipper Doll wearing School Days #1907 (1964 – 1965) and a titian Barbie Swirl Ponytail Doll wearing Pink Knitting Pretty #957 (1964).
I am excited about this one!
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VW Issues 13 Pink Barbie Beetles in Mexico

Volkswagen has teamed up with Mattel in Mexico to produce 13 special-edition Barbie Beetles.

The car will feature not only a frosty pink exterior but also a pink steering wheel, pink rims and pink seats.

From Car & Driver – “If you want a Barbie Beetle, too bad. Like we said, VW is only making thirteen, and not even one is making it out of Mexico. Of course, if you’d like to try to land one second-hand, or sneak one across the border, the MSRP is $24,368. Remember to bribe the border patrol, and try the tamales!”

Barbie’s Dream Week

From Women’s Wear Daily -

“… Barbie will be getting all the attention at New York Fashion Week. Mao Public Relations will pass out its seventh edition of Mao Mag — which features Andy Warhol’s Barbie painting on the cover — outside the tents, as well as inside Betsey Johnson’s goodie bags. About 25,000 copies of the 106-page issue will be printed, said Mauricio Padilha, Mao’s ceo, adding his aim is to inform young designers about fashion’s history.”

“The issue celebrates Barbie turning 47 and has designers such as Catherine Malandrino and Kimora Lee Simmons contributing their designs to outfit a model Barbie. ”