Brunette Happy Birthday Skipper Reproduction is Out!

50th Anniverary Brunette Skipper Doll Follow Me on Pinterest The 50th Anniversary Happy Birthday Skipper Reproduction has hit the shelves!  So many of us were so disappointed that the Blonde version (released in January) sold out in a nano-second and we all missed out.  To make amends for the mass disappointment, Mattel created a brunette version.

It is now available at your favorite doll dealer and Amazon. The retail price is $49.95.

2014 Skipper Reproduction Announced for Skipper’s 50th Anniversary

2014 Skipper Reproduction

Today Barbie designer Bill Greening announced a 2014 Skipper reproduction to commemorate Skipper’s 50th anniversary.

He provided a sneak peak – it will include a blonde straight leg Skipper doll with a reproduction of Skipper’s 1965 Happy Birthday clothing and accessories – a long time collector favorite.
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Featured Collector – Deb Nickrand

Featured Collector Deb Nickrand & her vintage Barbie dollsDeb Nickrand is our very first featured collector at Fashion Doll Guide. Many of you will know Deb and her infectious love of Vintage Barbie. Although she has only been collecting vintage a short period of time, her enthusiasm has made a tremendous impact in many online Barbie communities.

Deb, like myself and many other collectors, was born the same year as Barbie – 1959. She lives in Ohio with her husband Joe, who is very involved and supportive of her hobby.

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2013 Holiday Barbie Ornaments

2013 Barbie Holiday Ornaments

With the release of last year’s Barbie Christmas Ornaments, many of us were sad when Hallmark announced that they would no longer be making Barbie ornaments after 2012.  In the spring, Mattel announced they had signed a licensing agreement with American Greetings to produce the ornaments.  They are now due to be released at the end of August.   I was excited when I found this sneak peek and couldn’t wait to share it with you!  There will be eight ornaments this year, this year’s Holiday Barbies (blonde and African-American versions) , the remaining six are based on older dolls.  It looks as if we are getting our fist Superstar Barbie ornament!

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Introducing Featured Collector Series

Featured Collector Series Video ScreenshotNext week we will begin to feature Barbie Collectors. I’ve learned that we love to share our collections and  to get to know more about other collectors and their collections.  Often we don’t know anyone else personally who collects and our friends & family just don’t get it! It is always nice to meet people who have the same passion and to be able to share with them.

To get us warmed up for next week, I wanted to share this video I found of an awesome Barbie collection! This collector has approx 500 modern Barbie dolls on display in her special Barbie room!
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Holiday Barbie 2013 – 25th Anniversary Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2013

2013 Barbie is released today!  This special doll is wearing silver in honor of her 25th Anniversary.  There is also an African-American doll available.

The Holiday Barbie Doll is one of the longest running series of collectible Barbie dolls. Since 1988, these dolls have imagined Barbie at the center of a fantastic and glamorous holiday event – one requiring a gown that’s unique, festive, luxurious and stunning. [Read more…]

Celebrating 25 Years of Holiday Barbie – Get Ready for Holiday Barbie 2013!

Celebrating 25 Years of BarbieToday we continue to celebrate Holiday Barbie’s 25th Anniversary.

With four other blogs, we are looking back at the impressive history of one of the most popular and long running Barbie series. Yesterday we covered 2003 to 2005. Today we get to look at 2006 and 2007 and I get to reveal an exclusive hint about 2013 Holiday Barbie – available in only a few short days on August 1, sure to be a very special Silver Anniversary doll!
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Celebrating 25 Years of Holiday Barbie

Celebrating 25 Years of Holiday BarbieThe Holiday Barbie section of Fashion Doll Guide is always one of the most popular and I am thrilled that the site has been invited to participate with four other blogs in Celebrating Holiday Barbie’s 25th Anniversary! This year’s 25th Holiday Barbie will hit the stores in a few short days on August 1 and leading up to that we are counting down by remembering all of the beautiful Holiday Dolls.

The first Holiday Barbie was introduced in 1988 and was an instant success.  The dolls from 1988 – 2002 have already been reviewed on other sites.  We will be reviewing 2003, 2004 and 2005 today.  Tomorrow we’ll remember the holiday dolls from 2006 and 2007, along with an exclusive hint about this year’s special 25th anniversary edition!
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2011 Holiday Barbie & Hallmark Ornaments

2011 Holiday Barbie DollsHere it is almost Halloween and we haven’t talked about 2011 Holiday Barbie & Hallmark Ornaments yet!   Apologies for slipping down on the job…

This years Holiday Barbie is so gorgeous – it was designed by Robert Best and I think it is one of the most elegant and sophisticated Holiday Dolls to date. I also realized that this is the 24th year that Mattel has done a Holiday Barbie and it makes me excited hoping there is something wonderful planned for next year’s 25th Anniversary doll!

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