Barbie Mod Shoe Reproduction Pack

This cool reproduction of a vintage Mod-Era Barbie and Stacey shoe pack will be available in June 2006.

It includes 4 square toed, 4 bow, 2 closed toe heels and white go-go boots. The red closed toe shoes can be difficult (and costly) to find, these might make a good alternative.

These should also fit Francie and friends. If they are true to form, the bow shoes should be “squishy” – no word on that yet.

I know I will want to have one to use and one to display!

There are also several Mod Era Barbie reproductions – Mod era Twist-n-Turn Barbies with “Made For Each Other” (November 2006) and “All That Jazz” (July 2006) coming out this year. Stay tuned for more…..