2013 Holiday Barbie Ornaments

2013 Barbie Holiday Ornaments

With the release of last year’s Barbie Christmas Ornaments, many of us were sad when Hallmark announced that they would no longer be making Barbie ornaments after 2012.  In the spring, Mattel announced they had signed a licensing agreement with American Greetings to produce the ornaments.  They are now due to be released at the end of August.   I was excited when I found this sneak peek and couldn’t wait to share it with you!  There will be eight ornaments this year, this year’s Holiday Barbies (blonde and African-American versions) , the remaining six are based on older dolls.  It looks as if we are getting our fist Superstar Barbie ornament!

The first six ornaments are a part of American Greeting’s 2013 Carlton Heirloom Ornament Collection.  The last two are a part of the regular American Greetings line.

2013 Holiday Barbie Ornaments
2013 Holiday Barbie Ornaments
2013 1959 Debut Barbie Ornament
1959 Debut Barbie Ornament
2013 1960 Solo in the Spotlight Barbie Ornament
1960 Solo in the Spotlight
2013 1963 Sophisticated Lady Barbie Ornament
1963 Sophisticated Lady
2013 1991 Pink and Pretty Barbie Ornament
1981 Pink and Pretty
2013 1992 Prima Ballerina Barbie Ornament
1992 Prima Ballerina
2013 2007 Mariposa Barbie Ornament
2007 Mariposa Barbie

I found these listed for presale – it says they will be available at the end of this month. You can see the listing below. Tell me what you think of the new ornaments in the comments below or on Facebook!

You can see a complete list of all Barbie Ornaments

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