2013 Halloween Barbie Dolls

2013 Halloween Barbie Dolls

It’s time to get out the Halloween Barbie Dolls & add a few new ones to the collection!

There are two new Halloween Barbies for 2013.

2013 Bewitched & BeJeweled Halloween Barbie

The regular grocery store edition is called Bewitched & Bejeweled.  She has purple streaks in her hair and is dressed in a purple and orange dress with a black spider web necklace, shrug, witch hat and boots.

2013 Target Halloween Sweetheart Barbie Doll

This year’s Target Exclusive doll is Called Sweetheart Halloween.  She is wearing a black skeleton shirt and a cute pink satin skirt.  She has black streaks in her hair.

I’ve updated the Halloween Barbie Page with this year’s dolls.  You can see pictures of all the different Halloween Barbies here – Halloween Barbie Dolls